Education and training

Education and training is an important priority for SHISH. This process is conducted through training programs provided by the Service and in cooperation with other academic or governmental institutions. There are also training programs developed abroad, provided by partner intelligence and security services, always in accordance with the needs and fields of SHISH activity. The capability to understand the substance of intelligence business is a result of experience and continuous professional growth. It is necessary to be loyal and to present facts, to separate them from opinions and interpretations. Distorted intelligence information may influence the high authorities in formulating a policy or taking a decision. For that reason, SHISH does pay special attention to the basic and continuous on job training of its employees. SHISH, in cooperation with universities has determined as a target spotting and recruiting individuals, who bring on board new energies, qualifications, added values and the future generation of our intelligence community. In order to face the challenges of our time, it is necessary to build bridges and a strategic alliance between the community of intelligence and the academic world. The salary of SHISH employee is in accordance with the Decision of the Council of Ministers no. 432, dated 13.07.2007, revised.