After the employment order issued by the Director of SHISH, the newly hired employee is appointed in the vacant position available. He/she is granted Status of SHISH Employee, with all the rights, obligations and duties deriving from the Law no.9357, date 17.03.2005 “On the Status of the Employee of SHISH”. The newly hired SHISH employee should complete all the necessary documents, required by Human Resources as following:

  • Statement “On the Protection the Classified Information” in compliance with Law no.8457, date 11.02.1999 “On Classified Information “State Secret”, amended.
  • Statement “Of Non-Adherence” (nonaffiliation) to political parties, in compliance with article 16 of Law no.9357 date 17.03.2005 “On the Status of SHISH Employee”, amended, Article 11, of the Law no.8391 date 28.10.1998 “On the National Intelligence Service”, amended.
  • Authorization in compliance with article no.10/2, Article 41/2 of the Law no.9367, date 07.04.2005 “On Prevention of Conflict of Interest in Exercise of Public Functions”, amended.
  • Fill out the Form “On Self-Declaration/Decriminalization”, in compliance with Law no.138/2015 “On Guaranteeing the Integrity of the Individuals Elected, Nominated to Exercise Public Functions”.
  • The newly hired employee is subject to 1 (one) year test period, starting on the day of his nomination. During this period, the employee is under the mentorship of a senior supervisor, in compliance of the Article 7, Law no.9357, date 17.03.2005, “On the Status of the Employee of SHISH”.