SHISH employees are recruited based on the needs for vacancies and in line with employment plans and strategies. SHISH receives job applications throughout the year, by individual candidates, but it also cooperates with other organizations to fulfill its needs. Usually, once a year, an employment plan based on the applicants’ names is drafted. The admission procedures in SHISH are based on Law 9357, dated 17.03.2005 “On the Status of Employees of SHISH”, revised, as well as in the internal normative acts, adopted by the Director of State Intelligence Service. Admission with open competition in SHISH is made through the announcement of the vacancy and is published in two national newspapers with the largest circulation, at least 30 days before the date of the competition. Acceptance goes through the stages of reviewing and preliminary verification of documentation, written and oral interview testing. Applicants interested to work in SHISH, after the announcement on the official website of SHISH and in the newspapers, must submit the following documentation:

  • Personal request;
  • CV (including the exact address of the residence and the telephone number);
  • Photocopy of the ID card;
  • Family certificate;
  • Notarized copy of the University diploma and transcript;
  • Medical-legal report;
  • Certification by the Court of the respective district;
  • Certification from the Prosecutor of the respective district;
  • Certification from the Execution Office of the respective district;
  • Foreign Language Certificate from the Foreign Languages Faculties;
  • Certificate for the recognition and use of the computer, if any;
  • Training certificates in the relevant areas, if any;
  • References by previous employers, if any;
  • Employment record book, if any;
  • 6x4 cm document photos, 4 pieces;
  • Photos 9x12 cm, 2 pieces.
The above documentation is delivered by mail at the SHISH Information Office in Tirana or district field stations, within the announced deadline. The competition procedure goes through several phases. Firstly, selection is made based on the documents, which consists in verifying whether the candidates meet the general and specific requirements laid down in the announcement. In the second phase, written testing takes place. Then, the oral interview of the candidates selected in the second phase is conducted. Upon completion of the test, the Service requests the winning applicant to come to SHISH HQ to complete and sign the Self-declaration/Employment Application/Security Verification Requirement Forms. After reviewing this documentation, the winning applicant is notified by the Human Resources Management Unit. The winning applicant, who fulfills the security conditions, is subject to a basic training course for case officers provided by SHISH. Upon successful completion of the training course, the trainee of SHISH, in the graduation ceremony carries out the solemn oath act, according to the approved formula.