Role of SHISH

The fundamental role of SHISH is the protection of National Security, integrity, independence and constitutional order. State Intelligence Service (SHISH) is a central intelligence body. As such, the National Security Strategy (NSS) of the Republic of Albania assigns SHISH “a fundamental preemptive, preventive and disruptive role” against threats to national security. SHISH informs and reports to the President and to the Prime Minister, on issues related to national security. The activities of the Service are guided by the NSS and Annual Priorities, (hereinafter AP) defined by the Prime Minister of Albania. SHISH cooperates and exchanges information internally and externally with other state institutions and foreign agencies, in the accomplishment of its tasks stipulated by the law.

Legal Framework

SHISH exercises its activities based on:

  • Law No.8471, date 21.10.1998, “Constitution of the Republic of Albania”, revised.
  • Law No.8391, date 28.10.1998, “Law on the National Intelligence Service”, revised.
  • Law No.8457, date 11.02.1999, “On Classified Information “State Secret”, revised.
  • Law No.9357, date 17.03.2005, “On the Status of the Employee of the State Intelligence Service”, revised.
  • Law No.103/2014, “For the Approval of the National Security Strategy of the Republic of Albania”.
  • Law No.9157, date 04.12.2003 “On the Interception of Telecommunications”, revised by Law No.9885, date 03.03.2008, revised by Law no.10 172, date 22.10.2009, revised by Law no.116, date 13.12.2012.
  • Procedures drafted and presented by the Director of SHISH and approved by Prosecutor General of the Republic of Albania.

Structures of National Security in Albania

National Security Strategy (hereinafter NSS) is the fundamental planning document for the national security of the Republic of Albania. The main institutional responsibilities for the implementation of the NSS fall under the Council of Ministers, its subordinate institutions and relevant ministries. To perform his duties in the field of national security, the Prime Minister is supported by the Committee of National Security Policies (hereinafter CNSP). CNSP is an advisory body to the Prime Minister. Its organization, composition and duties are defined by the decision of the Council of Ministers. The Prime Minister submits to the Parliament and the President of the Republic of Albania an annual report, on the security situation of the country and progress made regarding the Annual Security Directive.
NSS serves as an advisory body to the President. The NSS carries out its activities based on the Constitution, laws and obligations arising from international agreements, ratified by the Assembly. NSS advises the President on issues of defense and security, management, organization and mobilization of human and material resources, in the interest of national defense and security.
The Director of SHISH is a member of the NSS, headed by the President of the Republic and of the CNSP, headed by the Prime Minister of Albania.
The Director and Deputy Director of the service are appointed and dismissed by the President of the Republic, upon the proposal of the Prime Minister.
SHISH informs and reports to:

  • The President of the Republic
  • The Prime Minister of Albania
  • Speaker of the Assembly
  • Chairman of the Parliamentary Security Committee
  • Other Ministries and governmental agencies, when necessary and deemed appropriate.