Regardless of the technological progress in every field of life, the importance of the human factor for success at work in the intelligence agencies has not diminished. The quality of SHISH’s work depends, to a large extent, on the skills and knowledge of its professionals. The nature of SHISH’s work requires individuals with different professional backgrounds.
Not only because of the nature of the work that we do, but also because of the risks associated with it, SHISH is obliged to protect the identity of its employees. SHISH structure and organization is proposed by the Director of SHISH and approved by the Prime Minister. On the right there is a simplified chart of it.
During 2018, SHISH was subject of restructuring in line with the current and future developments, modernization and the fulfillment of ambitious projects that will further increase the quality of operational and analytical work. Women compose over 25% of SHISH workforce. The percentage of women in high positions has increased and SHISH will continue to promote the role of women in the field of security and intelligence.